Mercedes-Benz R107 280SL-560SL Cabriolet 1971-1989 Soft Top Convertible Hood

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Replacement Soft Top for Mercedes-Benz R107 280SL-560SL Cabriolet 1971-1989 with heated rear glass window. Car Hood for convertible cabriolet car.

Original Sonnenland® canvas manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer of convertible cloth toppings – highly UV and abrasion resistant (does not fade) and used by many car manufacturers, including Porsche, BMW and Mercedes, for their original equipment.We use Sonnenland Classic with a beige backing, just like the original. Please get in touch if you would prefer this top with a black backing.
No sewing required:
The main and side seams of the soft top have been professionally produced and to a very high quality standard. The hood does not require any additional sewing work.
100% waterproof:
We use a kind of thread that has been specially developed for soft tops and swells up when wet and consequently effectively seals the seam holes. All of the seams on the hood are furthermore treated with a fabric seam sealer to ensure that they are 100% waterproof.
No cleaning or waterproofing required:
There will not be any need for expensive cleaning or waterproofing agents. Sonnenland® canvas is a 3-ply material and has a rubber middle layer. The rubber layer keeps water from penetrating through the roof.
Factory exact, original design:
The hood is made of the same original materials as the original hood.

Accessories included with the hood:
The tensioning straps (in beige, to match the colour of the inside of the hood) are included free of charge, which means that there is no need to reuse the old ones.
Information on the rear window:
Flexible polyglas rear window, with the same thickness (1 mm) as the original, TÜV-certified, permanently sewn-in. The window is made of a clear panel just like the original. Please get in touch if you would prefer a green tinted window.
PVC window protection:
The PVC windows for our hoods are protected with our carefully sewn-on window protector and tissue paper during transport and right up until they are fully fitted. This was an intentional move on our part, and is very different from the less expensive fastening options that only involve tape and/or paper. Although this involves significantly more work, it prevents the window protector from moving out of place or coming loose during transport and fitting, and the window from becoming scratched. It also ensures that there will not be any adhesive residues on the hood canvas/window, which are often difficult to remove.
What’s included:
Ready-to-fit soft top without frame and seals - which will be reused.
As one of the largest suppliers of convertible hoods in Europe, we guarantee a perfect fit and high-quality workmanship.

Accessories price list:

Side tension cables (pair)
+ €26.00 *
Rear tension cable, centre of rear window
+ €30.00 *
Rubber pads above the side windows (OEM)
+ €98.00 *
Rear bow seal (OEM)
+ €98.00 *
Front bow seal (OEM)
+ €48.00 *
B-pillar seal (OEM)
+ €95.00 *
Seal between A- and B-pillar (OEM)
+ €108.00 *
Saddler Glue / Adhesive
+ €26.00 *
Content: 0.8 Kilogramm
Care set for soft tops
+ €49.00 *
Content: 0.889 Liter
Renovo PVC window polish
+ €25.00 *
Content: 50 Milliliter
Wind deflector
+ €279.95 *
Wind deflector
From €199.95 *
A-pillar seal (pair) (OEM)
+ €338.00 *
CargoCover for Mercedes R107
+ €688.00 *


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